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Websites not scanning in latest version of Burpsuit(Community 2020.9)

Osint | Last updated: Sep 03, 2020 06:23PM UTC

I am accessing websites via embedded browser of BurpSuite Community edition but websites are not accessible and don't show up. Whatever website i try to access, it remains in process with white blank page and no requests generate on "HTTP history" tab. What I am doing wrong? Proxy listener checkbox is checked with value what other configurations do i need to do in order to get Burp worked?

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Sep 03, 2020 06:26PM UTC

Hi, To clarify, the webpages are not loading in the embedded browser? Do you have the "Intercept is on" configuration set in the Proxy -> Intercept tab?

Osint | Last updated: Sep 03, 2020 06:44PM UTC

Yes. Yes.

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Sep 04, 2020 07:25AM UTC

Hi, With the "intercept is on" configuration Burp will be stalling requests from your browser in order for you to perform some further, manual action on them (they should appear under Proxy -> Intercept). The websites will not load because the requests have not, at that point, been sent on to the destination web server. We generally would not recommend having "intercept is on" configured unless there are some specific requests that you want to intercept in real time. If you set it to "Intercept is off" the traffic will still pass through Burp (and be available in the Proxy -> HTTP history) but will not require you to manually process each one in order for the website to load.

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