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Web Security Academy - Show Unfinished

epi | Last updated: Apr 21, 2019 07:29PM UTC

Good Afternoon, It would be very nice to have a way to filter out all of the completed sections and only see what's left to be done. I completed 100% of the labs and content shortly after it was released. A short time later, additional XSS labs were released. Coming back and digging around to find them could certainly be a more streamlined process. Thank you for the content, it's really awesome! I'm really looking forward to more labs and topics. Ben

Liam, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Apr 23, 2019 10:09AM UTC

Thanks for this request. We do plan on adding this functionality to our Web Security Academy. Unfortunately, we can't provide an ETA.

Burp User | Last updated: Oct 15, 2019 08:15PM UTC

+1 for this, it would be very cool to see a tabular list of completed/remaining.

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