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Unencrypted upstream proxy server

Jorge | Last updated: Mar 06, 2023 02:12PM UTC

I'm trying to configure a proxy listener that receives encrypted requests from clients and forwards these requests against an unencrypted server, then encrypting and sending the responses back. I tried setting a simple redirect (using Request Handling tab for the proxy listener) and also configuring the target server as an upstream proxy, but it looks like Burp always tries to negotiate encryption with the final server and fails. How can I achieve this?

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 06, 2023 04:23PM UTC

Thanks for getting in touch. To help us understand what you need to achieve, can you please send some screenshots showing examples of what you have tried to configure so far to suport@portswigger.net? What client are you using? Are you using Burp's embedded browser or an external browser or is there a specific client for the app?

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