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Unable to receive server response

Tulaskar, | Last updated: May 04, 2023 10:06AM UTC

Hi Team, I'm able to successfully intercept HTTP requests from a web application. It is a dashboard developed using PowerBI and microsoft framework. However I'm unable to receive any proper response from the server. The response code received is 400. I do get error in the alert tab for which I can share the screenshot. "The client failed to negotiate SSL connection" - is the error message in alert tab Kindly support with the same. Regards, Rahul T

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: May 09, 2023 10:59AM UTC

Hi Rahul If you right-click on the request, then send it to the Repeater tab and hit the "Send" button, do you also receive a 400 error, or does the request result in success?

Tulaskar, | Last updated: May 09, 2023 12:29PM UTC

Hi Hannah, Yes I receive a 400 error in the repeater tab. The request is never successful when the proxy is set. Regards, Rahul

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: May 09, 2023 12:45PM UTC

Hi Rahul Does this happen with every site you attempt to access or only your target application? If you'd like an example site to browse to, you can use "https://ginandjuice.shop".

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