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Unable to connect to shop.tesla.com

dog | Last updated: Nov 06, 2023 02:38PM UTC

Vanilla Burp install, latest patches. Verified by another user, with different install, different network, name servers etc. Simply times out. Not seeing anything out of Burp at all. No TCP/TLS etc. Disabling the proxy setting in the browser and going directly works fine. Looks like a name resolution issue, but not localised: more a proxy, or WAF thing.

Dominyque, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Nov 06, 2023 02:41PM UTC

Hi Are you experiencing the same issue if you use the embedded browser?

dog | Last updated: Nov 06, 2023 02:53PM UTC

Just checked, and it is general across all browsers, embedded or otherwise.

Dominyque, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Nov 07, 2023 07:40AM UTC

Hi Thank you for checking this. Do you have any firewalls/ antivirus software installed? Additionally, in the Event Log (with the debug filter enabled), do you not see any messages after attempting to browse shop.tesla.com? If yes, can you please send us a screenshot of this?

dog | Last updated: Nov 07, 2023 09:07AM UTC

no firewalls, no AV. and like I mentioned, if I bypass burp it works fine, and this is the only site affected. in the event log, with debug enabled, is just a timeout event from the proxy. nothing else. I ran wireshark and sniffed the traffic, and there was TCP traffic. so it looks like the connection was being hobbled inside burp. I restarted burp with a default config, and it worked ok after that. checked the settings, and for the proxy, if the default to HTTP/2 option is unchecked, then it fails. I would have expected it to try the connection and fail on negotiation (if the server does not support 1.1) but there was no traffic that I could see. do you chaps see the same thing?

Dominyque, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Nov 07, 2023 01:44PM UTC

Hi We can see that the request to shop.tesla.com does timeout if we use HTTP/1.1. The request is being sent by Burp but there is no response back. We have not done any WireShark testing ourselves at this point.

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