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Unable to access labs, getting 404 Not Found

Aakash | Last updated: Aug 14, 2021 06:23PM UTC

Today, I am unable to access labs through burpsuit proxy. Yesterday, I was able to access it without any issues. I tried with chrome and mozilla firefox, Both showing 404-Not Found responses for all labs. My Mozilla Firefox version is "91.0" and chrome version is "92.0.4515.131". It was observed that when I use proxy for chrome/Mozilla and turn on intercept at burpsuit then response shows 404 Not Found. Without proxy at browser, I am getting correct response content.

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Aug 16, 2021 08:25AM UTC

Thanks for your message. We've replied to the email you sent so we can check a few more details with you.

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