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TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined

Telefonica | Last updated: Aug 16, 2023 05:12PM UTC

I'm getting this error when i click on the "Schedule Scans" button, the page still loading but after a minutes return error bellow: Whoops - something bad happened TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'paged_schedule_items') TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'paged_schedule_items') at https://localhost/static/js/bews.1b132762bc8fbfdb98ec.js:2:1285018 at os (https://localhost/static/js/bews.1b132762bc8fbfdb98ec.js:2:529826) at El (https://localhost/static/js/bews.1b132762bc8fbfdb98ec.js:2:548624) at t.unstable_runWithPriority (https://localhost/static/js/bews.1b132762bc8fbfdb98ec.js:2:604599) at Bi (https://localhost/static/js/bews.1b132762bc8fbfdb98ec.js:2:491718) at bl (https://localhost/static/js/bews.1b132762bc8fbfdb98ec.js:2:548383) at https://localhost/static/js/bews.1b132762bc8fbfdb98ec.js:2:548294 at F (https://localhost/static/js/bews.1b132762bc8fbfdb98ec.js:2:603538) at w.port1.onmessage (https://localhost/static/js/bews.1b132762bc8fbfdb98ec.js:2:602294) We made some changes, we deleted all sites and folders structures, add new folders, sites, and we have provisioned scan for all sites, when clicked on the scans, return the error, any suggestions of what it could be?

Thomas, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Aug 17, 2023 09:02AM UTC

Thank you for letting us know about this Whoops screen. So we can investigate what is causing this issue for you, please send your support pack to us at support@portswigger.net Please also let us know if this issue is reproducible or if it was a single occurrence.

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