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transfer license from one pc to another

Lazaros | Last updated: May 05, 2020 07:06AM UTC

Dear support, I am planning to migrate to another hardware, so I will need to install Burp pro on my new PC. I would like to transfer the license, so my old installation on windows will not be counted. How to do it properly?

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: May 05, 2020 07:37AM UTC

Burp Suite Professional licenses are licensed per user. This means actual person, not installation or "concurrent" user or anything else. This means that, so long as you are the only person using your license, you can install Burp Suite in multiple locations. You should be able to simply download and activate the software on your new machine. If you have already activated the software multiple times, then you may encounter an activation error. If this happens, drop us an email at office@portswigger.net or support@portswigger.net and we'll get it sorted. If you want to remove Burp from the original computer, you can go to the Help menu, then click on "Clean Burp from this computer". That will remove the licensing details from that computer. You will then need to uninstall Burp as you would do normally.

Lazaros | Last updated: May 05, 2020 09:34AM UTC

Thanks a lot, got it.

a3sura | Last updated: Aug 27, 2023 11:08AM UTC

Thanks, It helped.

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