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Target: Issues - Selected tab should be kept open when browsing findings (like Proxy History does)

igor | Last updated: Aug 16, 2018 03:49PM UTC

If I select certain tab in 'Proxy > HTTP History', it is kept open even if I change to a different request line (e.g. 'Original response', 'Auto-modified response'). The same does not happen in 'Target > Site map > Issues' tab - after change to another issue the tab open is 'Advisory' by default. Going through reponses in hundreds of sub-issues is very difficult this way - I need to always click on the 'Response' to see it. At least a checkbox to change the default behavior would be nice. Or small 'pin' on the tabs (like small 'x' to close the tabs in Repeater). Thanks.

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Aug 17, 2018 02:13PM UTC

I agree this would be a nice feature. A couple of other people have requested it, and we've put it on the development plan, but it's likely to take a little while.

Burp User | Last updated: Sep 05, 2018 07:37PM UTC

It may seem small, but the fact that burp works this way is very frustrating. When validating a large number of flaws, having to manually click on the response tab over and over again is crazy. There was a post saying this was "on the development plan" over 2 years ago, please don't make us wait another 2 years!

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