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Suitab Highlight when action is performed in ContextMenu

DL | Last updated: Dec 28, 2023 07:05PM UTC

This is more for the aesthetics of the extension. In a native burp tab, if we sent anything from the context menu, for example : Burp Proxy "Send to Repeater", the "Repeater" tab will light up. So how can I also do that for my extension where if something is sent from my contextmenu, my extension tab will also light up?

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jan 08, 2024 04:13PM UTC

Hi There's no built-in method to the Montoya API to provide this functionality. I've raised a feature request to provide this functionality in the future. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an estimated timeframe for when this functionality will be available, as we have to prioritize this against other features and functionality. It is possible to write your own "tab flasher". It uses the legacy Extender API, rather than the Montoya API, but the "Taborator" extensions an example of an extension that modifies the top-level tab behavior, as when it detects a Collaborator interaction, it turns the tab text orange and displays a counter of the number of unread interactions. You can find the code for this extension here: https://github.com/hackvertor/taborator

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