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Shortcut keys do not work in the confirm window.

dohyeoneom | Last updated: Nov 12, 2023 12:42PM UTC

In the Confirm window that appears when you click the delete item window for each element in the "proxy" -> "http history" window, previously used keys such as tab and space are not entered. It worked well in Community 2023.10.2.3 version, but problems began after updating to the latest version. Using the mouse to delete items every time is quite annoying. Is this something I'm missing about changes since the update? Or is it just a bug?

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Nov 13, 2023 10:27AM UTC

Thanks for taking the time to report this issue. This looks like a bug, so we've raised this and will discuss it further with the developers. We've linked this thread so we can post back here when we have a further update.

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