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Shared configuration between Pro and Enterprise

Andrej | Last updated: Sep 26, 2018 01:37PM UTC

Hi, The Configuration Library is awesome in Beta2, and I can see same pre-defined templates in Enterprise Edition. Would it be possible to cross-promote settings easily? Like show Burp Pro the address to Burp EE, so that it could always take the fresh config, or even change it? In my opinion, people will want to manually improve configuration locally in Burp Pro, which will then be needed to export to JSON file, and import to EE. Which means always thinking about keeping it up-to-date on 2 places, so it could be forgotten. Thanks

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Sep 26, 2018 01:58PM UTC

Thanks for the suggestion. We will have a think about this and see if it fits with our plans. We do intend to make more Burp Pro functionality directly available within Enterprise.

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