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Set request timeout in Intruder

August | Last updated: May 12, 2016 09:17PM UTC

I have a target parameter that includes an IP address -the web application takes the IP address and tries to make a connection to it. If the IP address is valid the response should return very quickly. If it is an invalid IP, the application can take several minutes before it times out trying to connect. I am using Intruder to scan for internal IP addresses using this parameter. Is there any way to set a request timeout in intruder? That way if a response is taking a long time it can drop the request and proceed to the next payload without waiting for the server to timeout.

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: May 13, 2016 08:48AM UTC

You can't set a request timeout specifically for Intruder, but you can do it Burp-wide at Project options / Connections / Timeouts / Normal.

Burp User | Last updated: Nov 06, 2018 09:27PM UTC

Why is not possible?

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