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security scan and out-of-date libraries

Joanna | Last updated: Oct 04, 2021 08:30PM UTC

For out-of-date libraries, is there a list of what libraries Burp check versions for? If so, how often do new libraries get added and how often do the most recent versions for these checks get updated? I will be grateful for your response. Joanna Belcik joanna@ais.pl

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Oct 06, 2021 07:29AM UTC

Hi Joanna, Thank you for your message. We perform our checks against the repository below: https://github.com/RetireJS/retire.js/blob/master/repository/jsrepository.json We will incorporate a local copy of the above repository (so that Burp Professional can be used 'offline') within each release - if the repository gets updated then new releases of Burp will use the updated repository for performing its checks.

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