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Scanner errors and re-scanning

Matthew | Last updated: Oct 17, 2016 03:00PM UTC

Hi, Often when I do a scan, there are errors. I believe these are due to weekend jobs running backups and such, causing the network to slow down. Unfortunately, I cannot always pick and choose when I scan, and cannot baby sit the process either. I had a few questions (and perhaps these are my lack of knowing Burp or perhaps they are feature requests): 1) When the scan queue shows that there are errors for a particular scan, how can I see the errors. I know I can go to the Alert tab and see some info there, but in my case the Alert tab only shows 4 entries and I have many errors at all sorts of times. I'd like to see the actual errors themselves (a one-to-one list of them for each entry in the scan queue) so I can know for sure what is going on. Is this possible? 2) After a scan is complete and I'm analyzing the results, when I see any URL that had errors, I want to scan it again. Is it smart enough to not re-report the same issues it already found and only report the new issues it didn't get to because it was abandoned or finished? Is it possible to continue all abandoned URLs from where they left off and continue? (this is assuming that the problems on my side, e.g. network issues, are taken care of) 3) Is it possible to automatically re-scan all failed or abandoned URLs, or finished URLs with errors, after the complete queue is idle AND a certain amount of time has gone by. E.G. If I'm running over the weekend and on Saturday morning some network backups kick in and mess everything up, I'd like it to automatically re-run the problem URLs 12 or 24 hours later. Thanks, Matt.

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Oct 25, 2016 04:12PM UTC

Thanks for these questions. 1. The details for errors will typically be displayed in the Alerts tab, but there isn't an easy way to correlate with individual scan queue items. 2. You can scan the same item over and over and Burp will automatically de-duplicate any resulting issues. They will be show in the scan queue for each item, but won't be duplicated in the overall scan results in the site map. If you scan an item again, then a full scan is performed of it, regardless of any errors on previous scans of that item. 3. You can't currently do this automatically. We are working on the overall end-to-end scanning process, and we're looking to make this a lot more automated in a future release.

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