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Scan issues( Dashboard and Target )

Yohei | Last updated: Dec 10, 2019 02:32AM UTC

We scan using by burp 2.1.06. At that time, there are different items between "Dashboard > Issue Activity" and "Target > Issues". e.g. An XSS vulnerability is reported at "Target > Issues", but not "Dashboard > Issue Activity". Let me know, if you know this problem. Regards,

Mike, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Dec 10, 2019 11:15AM UTC

Hi, These tabs show two different pieces of information. - Dashboard > Issue Activity lists any vulnerabilities that have been reported across any task on your dashboard. - Target > Site Map > Issues lists any vulnerabilities that have been reported while auditing that specific domain. So unless you have a clean project file and have only tested one domain you would expect to see different items in these two views.

Burp User | Last updated: Dec 16, 2019 07:00AM UTC

Hi Mike, thank you for your cooperation. I understood different these issue list views. Let me know if we have any questions. Regards,

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