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Save Intruder Tabs On Exit Just Like Repeater Tabs

Robert | Last updated: Apr 25, 2022 08:28PM UTC

Can you please add the ability to save Intruder Tabs on Burp application close just like the Repeater Tabs are saved now. So that the intruder tabs are saved regardless if they are marked as "finished attacks"? The way me and my coworkers use the Intruder functionality prevents the tab from being saved currently. The way me and my coworkers use Intruder majority of the time as follows: When an HTTP request is sent to Intruder tab, I do not define a payload and use the “Start attack” option in Intruder. Instead I pick the payloads I want to scan > right click > “scan defined insertion points” > “add to task xyz” and have Burp automated scanner scan these endpoints. Therefore the attack on the Intruder tab is not considered finished and it’s not saved to project file. It’s important for me and my coworkers to be able to save every opened Intruder tab into the project, just like Responder tab, regardless if the tab is marked as with “finished attack” or not. The reason for this ability, is to track which endpoints were already scanned during testing. Quite often during a long project of 3 weeks there are hundreds intruder tabs opened, then a burp update or operating system update is applied and there is a need to close burp project and reopen it. After reopening all previously opened intruder tabs are gone in our case . Can the ability to save Intruder tabs that were opened so that they are saved just like the “Repeater” tabs be opened as a featured request? Thanks

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Apr 26, 2022 08:57AM UTC

Hi Robert, We do have an existing feature request for this very scenario so I will add your interest to this so that we can accurately monitor the demand for it. We will then update this forum thread if this feature does get implemented in a future Burp release.

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