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Run Intruder attack in silent mode

Gianluca | Last updated: Oct 11, 2019 08:13AM UTC

Hi All, I just download a free trial of Burp Suite Professional to evaluate it I tried to configure a couple of intruder attacks in Brute Forcer mode but the GUI of my Ubuntu 18.04 crashed both times (I assume due to huge number of Intruder window refreshes) I was wondering if there is any way to run an attack not in GUI mode, checking the progress and results from suite dashboard Thanks

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Oct 11, 2019 09:42AM UTC

Hi Gianluca, Thank you for your message. The Intruder tool is managed through the GUI within Burp Suite. Firstly, are you able to provide us with your Burp diagnostic information (Help -> Diagnostics from the main Burp menu)? It sounds like this could be an issue with the actual Ubuntu operating system (the machine you are using might not have enough resources assigned to it, for example). Are you running Ubuntu on a virtual machine or on an actual physical machine? Are you seeing this issue when you use other areas of the Burp software or is it just with Intruder? You could also try to configure the settings within Intruder -> Options -> Request Engine. These settings can have an impact on performance and would allow you to, for example, reduce the number of threads being used in order to control the number of concurrent requests the attack is making. The following link provides some more information on the settings that you can alter: https://portswigger.net/burp/documentation/desktop/tools/intruder/options#request-engine

Burp User | Last updated: Oct 11, 2019 07:07PM UTC

Hi Ben, I don't think my machine has low resources, it's a physical machine (HP Mobile Workstation) with 2xQuadCore Intel i7 processor, 32GB RAM and 1,5TB SDD disk space I tried to copy/paste there the diagnostic I took it after the X session restarted, but a message says: "Exceeding max length of 5KB" How do I send it to you? Thanks Gianluca

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Oct 14, 2019 08:07AM UTC

Hi Gianluca, Please email the support team at support@portswigger.net and you should then be able to include the diagnostics as an attachment. We can then take a look for you.

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