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RegEx in HTTP history search crashes burp

Mateusz | Last updated: Jan 02, 2020 12:47PM UTC

Hi, I have Pro version of burp as a employee of pentest team. Recently I had an issue that my project file got corrupted after using poorly optimized RegEx in burp search engine. RegEx failed to finish in reasonable time because it matches per-TCP-packet basis, not per-line as in unix, and thats fine, but there should be some way of disabling auto-regex evaluation on startup or possibly a way to add RegEx timeout that would stop search after 30 seconds or so. I managed to fix my project file by editing it via a hex editor and removing troublesome regex, but the problem still stands: Its super easy to make a mistake like this. Regex I typed was of the form of: /function.*functionName\{/ Issue happend on newest version of burp as of now.

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jan 02, 2020 01:51PM UTC

Hi. Can you provide some more detail so we can attempt to replicate this behavior? When loading up a project file, did you ensure that the "Pause automated tasks" checkbox is checked?

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