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Regarding installation

Anish | Last updated: Nov 24, 2022 04:55AM UTC

Hi, if I buy a community version or enterprise version ? I will be getting both Mac version and windows version ? or you will be only providing product key which can be used in any version ?

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Nov 24, 2022 01:48PM UTC

Hi Anish, I assume you are referring to purchasing Burp Professional and Burp Enterprise (the Community edition is free so does not require the purchase of a license key). Buying a license for either Professional or Enterprise gives you access to the Windows, Mac or Linux versions of both software (for Professional you can also obtain a standalone Jar file version that does not require installation). It is worth noting, however, that a Burp Enterprise license provides you with one activation of the core software so, in effect, you will only be able to install Enterprise once (so would likely only utilise the installer for one specific platform). If you need to use Burp Enterprise in more than one environment you would need to purchase two licenses. A Burp Professional license allows you to activate the software multiple times, on different machines, so you could certainly obtain the Mac and Windows installations files and then install and use Burp on two separate machines. Finally, and probably most importantly, if you are referring to Burp Professional and Burp Enterprise then these two products are designed for different users and different use cases so it might be useful to understand your requirements so that we can guide you to make the correct choice.

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