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Read-only mode for projects

Alessandro | Last updated: Mar 15, 2023 10:34AM UTC

Hi, It would be useful to have a read-only mode to open projects. For example, one might have an old projects archive and at some point need to search for an information about a previous test without altering the project's checksum or timestamps. Right now the only workaround is to open a copy of the project, but this can be sometimes time/bandwidth/space consuming for very large project files especially when archived on network.

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 15, 2023 03:38PM UTC

Thanks for getting in touch. We've been chatting here, and this would be quite a bit more complex than it sounds on the surface. We've not had any requests for this before either, so I'm afraid it's unlikely to be something we would add soon as we try to prioritize the various requests we receive. We appreciate you getting in touch with the idea, and we will look out for other people with similar requests going forward.

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