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Python extension unloading itself periodically

Jeff | Last updated: Jun 12, 2015 04:12PM UTC

I have a toy Python extension that simply prints out all command-line arguments, and calls exitSuite if there were any to print. About 50% of the time that I run Burp Suite from the command prompt, there is no output and Burp Suite fails to close automatically. I inspect the Extender tab and I find that the extension I wrote is unloaded. I check the "Loaded" box, the extension compiles, and Burp Suite promptly closes, as expected, after printing the arguments to the console. I run the same command again, and on the second or third time, I find that the extension has again been unloaded. How can I ensure that the Python script remains loaded? Could it be an issue with Jython, and therefore should I rewrite my extension in Java?

Burp User | Last updated: Jun 12, 2015 04:55PM UTC

Update on this. I've run a number of tests and have found a pattern. Given a series of sequential run commands, here are the results: * The first operation will run fine, print out the proper output, and exit. * The second operation will require manual loading of the extension. Once the extension is loaded, the output is given and the program exits normally. * The third operation behaves the same as the first, printing and exiting successfully. * The fourth operation behaves the same as the second, requiring manual enabling of the extension. ..ad infinitum I should note that the "autoload extensions on startup" extender option is checked.

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jun 15, 2015 12:56PM UTC

Would you be able to post the source code for your extension so that we can try to reproduce this?

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