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Proxy PAC support

maaaaz | Last updated: Feb 28, 2016 09:18PM UTC

Hello there, A friend and I developed an extension in order to support proxy.pac files: https://github.com/vincd/burpproxypacextension The extension uses the proxy-vole library. Feel free to report bugs and ideas for improvement. Cheers.

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Feb 29, 2016 09:45AM UTC

Hi Britt, We can only provide limited assistance; please contact the extension author for more thorough support. You don't need to install proxy-vole; that is bundled with the BApp. If you try proxying some requests through Burp, the extension will dynamically add entries to the Upstream Proxies list.

Burp User | Last updated: Jul 29, 2016 01:54PM UTC

I wish PAC support was built in to Burp, but this extension works great! It's probably important to note that the provided dependencies (Jython and Proxy-vole) should be used (as opposed to your own copies) to avoid errors.

Burp User | Last updated: Mar 05, 2017 12:39PM UTC

Had lot of issues loading this extender with the jython downloaded directly from the website. Had to delete my jython file and install the jython provided in http://search.maven.org/remotecontent?filepath=org/python/jython-standalone/2.7.0/jython-standalone-2.7.0.jar and later everything worked fine.

Burp User | Last updated: Jul 06, 2018 10:47PM UTC

Looking for assistance on getting this to work. I installed it via Burp Extender from the BApp store. Proxy Auto Config is showing up as loaded. The location of the Jython standalone jar file is provided jython-standalone-2.7.0.jar. But in project options, nothing shows up in the upstream proxy servers. Someone mentioned proxy-vole and jython dependencies? Do I need to need to install proxy-vole separately? Thanks

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