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proxy is not working.

Elman | Last updated: Nov 22, 2022 05:20AM UTC

Hello. I want to view a mobile app through BurpSuite proxy. I have done this before. I have configured everything correctly. When I access other applications I can see the requests without any problem. But when I open and use the application I want to test, there is no response in burpsuit. It's like the proxy is not working.

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Nov 22, 2022 01:39PM UTC

Hi Elman, Are you able to clarify a few things: - Are you using an Android or an iOS device? - With the setup that you currently have you can both successfully proxy browser based traffic and other mobile apps from the mobile device and it is only this one particular app that you are having issues with (it sounds like this is the case but I just wanted to confirm this)? Is this app publicly available and, if so, are you able to share the name of it so that we could take a look? - Finally, what behaviour are you seeing when you do attempt to proxy the traffic from this particular app? Does the app continue to work as expected and you simply see no traffic pass through Burp or do you encounter errors within the app (or parts of the app) when you attempt to proxy its traffic?

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