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Private Burp Collaborator Server is not working only for me apparently

Ricardo | Last updated: Jun 08, 2017 09:42PM UTC

I'm trying to deploy an instance of Private Burp Collaborator Server but it seems that burp.jar is ignoring the parameter --collaborator-server. From the help I can see the option there. root@zion:~/Downloads# java -jar burpsuite_free_v1.7.23.jar --help Usage: --help Print this message --disable-extensions Prevent loading of extensions on startup --diagnostics Print diagnostic information --use-defaults Start with default settings --collaborator-server Run in Collaborator server mode --collaborator-config Specify Collaborator server configuration file; defaults to collaborator.config --project-file Open the specified project file; this will be created as a new project if the file does not exist --config-file Load the specified project configuration file(s); this option may be repeated to load multiple files --user-config-file Load the specified user configuration file(s); this option may be repeated to load multiple files --auto-repair Automatically repair a corrupted project file specified by the --project-file option --unpause-spider-and-scanner Do not pause the Spider and Scanner when opening an existing project Running this command below Burp starts normally and I cannot see any service running on the ports (e.g. UDP 53). root@zion:~/Downloads# java -jar burpsuite_free_v1.7.23.jar --collaborator-server I also tried to run using the configuration provided on the documentation but I got the same situation above which means just a normal interface and the proxy listening on port 8080. Could you please give any tip what is my stupid big mistake? Thanks!

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jun 09, 2017 07:26AM UTC

Collaborator is only in Burp Professional. You don't need to activate the Collaborator server. As long as you have one Burp Pro license, you can run a Collaborator server.

Burp User | Last updated: Jun 09, 2017 01:55PM UTC

Sorry... my bad. I was following this document "https://portswigger.net/burp/help/collaborator_deploying.html" where is saying: "The Burp Collaborator server is included in the same executable file as Burp Suite itself. No license key is required to run your own instance of the server. The server can be started directly from the command line using the --collaborator-server argument,..." So since there is no need for a license I was assuming Collaborator was present in the free version as well. If you search on this document you won't find any reference to Burp Professional. My suggestion to you guys is include a comment on this document about that. We have Burp Professional here and I tested starting the Collaborator and got an error which means at least now I can work on this. :) Thanks!

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