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Prevent Burp Proxy from recording some items based on the scope or other filter (e.g. regex)

Morgan | Last updated: Jul 11, 2016 02:43PM UTC

Hi, I'm looking for a way to prevent Burp from recording some item in the Proxy history. The main reason is that I'm intercepting quite a lot of traffic from the intercepted device, which quickly increases Burp's memory and CPU usage. This finally triggers the "Failed to allocate memory - behavior may be unstable, consider saving your work" error and forces me to restart Burp. This happens quite often, especially when my target device downloads large files or updates. I know there's already the "show only in-scope items" option, but those items are still recorded; they are simply masked in the display. Manually deleting the items is also not an option, since it's really painful (I have too many items to delete) and they have been already recorded by Burp in the first place (which is what I want to avoid). I would like to be able to simply forward them without having to record them. Do you know if there is such a feature in Burp? If not, would it be possible to add one soon? It could be based on Burp's scope (e.g an option not to record out-of-scope items), or a regex filter. Thanks a lot, Morgan

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jul 12, 2016 02:13PM UTC

Thanks for this request. We agree that this would be a good feature, to avoid placing out-of-scope items into the Proxy history or site map altogether. We have a ticket captured in our backlog for this feature request. Unfortunately we can't currently provide an ETA for delivering this, sorry.

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Feb 07, 2017 10:23AM UTC

Just to let you know that in today's release (1.7.18) we've added a feature to optionally prevent out-of-scope items that pass through the Proxy being logged to the history or site map, or being passed to other Burp tools. Thanks again for your feedback, and please let us know if you run into any other problems.

Burp User | Last updated: Mar 07, 2017 09:36PM UTC

@Dafydd where can I find this feature, please? been looking for it and have been unable to find it. I have a 9.4 GB burp file at the moment and Burp has stopped operating fast, is taking over 10 minutes to start and the filtering option takes a long time to filter through the data.

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 08, 2017 03:14PM UTC

Details of the new feature are in the release notes: http://releases.portswigger.net/2017/02/1718.html

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