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Portable Burp Suite: Windows Auto Start Script

rmccurdyDOTcom | Last updated: Sep 04, 2015 07:17PM UTC

This script will automatically run the latest burp Jar and set java home path for portable installs :) @echo off echo this includes: echo portable java 8 64bit echo python support in burp echo CO2 and Logger++ echo rmccurdy.com echo cleaning config rem regedit /s INIT_WIPE_CONFIG.reg echo importing config rem regedit /s INIT_BASE_CONFIG.reg echo importing licence file rem regedit /s H:\PRIVATE\BURP\freeload101ATyahoo_reset_-8_04_2015.reg echo listing latest burp suite jar files for %%a in (dir/s /OD burpsu*.jar) do ( set var1=%%a ) echo setting java vars set JAVA_HOME = "C:\BurpPortable\jdk1.8.0_60" set JAVA_JRE = "C:\BurpPortable\jdk1.8.0_60\bin" set PATH=%PATH%;"C:\BurpPortable\jdk1.8.0_60\bin" echo starting latest burp suite start javaw -Xms500m -Xmx500m -XX:MaxPermSize=500m -jar "%var1%"

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