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Platform Authentication settings: allow multiple entries with same host

Misha | Last updated: Jul 13, 2023 09:21AM UTC

For the moment only one Platform authentication entry is allowed per destination host. If the user tries to set up a second entry that has the same destination host, Burp will not allow it. However, it is useful during assessment to have multiple accounts that point to the same destination host to test authentication issues at the platform level. It would be possible to allow multiple entries to use the same destination host at the condition that only one at a time has the Enabled checkbox checked (it is enabled)? In this way the Burp user has to set up the accounts for platform authentication just once, and then they can enable or disable the one that they are using based on the testcase. Thank you.

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jul 13, 2023 10:52AM UTC

Hi Misha, We have had a couple of other users ask for this type of functionality recently so we do have an existing feature request for it within our development system. We are currently monitoring the demand for it so we can certainly add your interest to this so that we can accurately record how popular a feature it might be.

Anti | Last updated: Nov 29, 2023 09:34AM UTC

I am interested in getting this issue resolved.

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Nov 29, 2023 11:31AM UTC

Hi Anti, We are still monitoring the demand for this feature request - if we do have some further news to share then we will update this forum thread.

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