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Override default collabolator settings

Pawel | Last updated: Aug 31, 2023 04:15PM UTC

Hi! Due to various restrictions, I know that I will never use a public collaborator address. When turning on burp, I always have to change the address to my self-hosted - which generates a few more clicks with each test. Is it possible to somehow overwrite the default burp settings so that the collabolator's burp address is set to private each time it is launched? Best regards Pawel

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Aug 31, 2023 04:26PM UTC

Hi Once you have set your collaborator settings, you can click on the cog under Settings > Project > Collaborator > Burp Collaborator server and choose 'Save settings'. When you start a new project file, after choosing whether you want to create a temporary or disk-based project file, you are prompted to select the configuration file that you would like to load for the project. At this stage, you can select the configuration file with your Collaborator settings that you chose previously, and the new project will use those settings. I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Pawel | Last updated: Aug 31, 2023 10:16PM UTC

Thanks Michelle! While I would have preferred some command line option to launch burp with fixed priv collabolator address, the solution you described is good enough. Best regards Pawel

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