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Multi-request payloads in intruder

Rodolpho | Last updated: Jul 20, 2017 01:27PM UTC

It would be neat to have multi request payloads in intruder. It could work somewhat like the current burp macros, where you can set up a sequence of requests to send, but the intruder would change some parameters. This is useful in cases where one request is sent to store a parameter and another can be used to trigger the processing of it.

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jul 20, 2017 01:49PM UTC

Hi Rodolpho, Thanks for your suggestion. That's an interesting use case. Have you tried the "Post request macro" feature within Session Handling Rules? It is intended to support exactly this scenario, and I've used it a few times myself to do that. If that doesn't meet your needs, it would be really helpful to understand exactly what's missing - we can look at your use-case to design either improvements to this feature, or a new feature. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

hokapefr | Last updated: Apr 24, 2022 02:48PM UTC

Top Answer. Very usefull years after. Thanks

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