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messageEditorHttpRequestResponse cannot update multiple http headers

Wei | Last updated: May 14, 2024 09:29PM UTC

Hi there, I tried to use montoya to update 2 http headers messageEditorHttpRequestResponse.setRequest(messageEditorHttpRequestResponse.requestResponse().request().withUpdatedHeader("header1", "test1")); // messageEditorHttpRequestResponse.setRequest(messageEditorHttpRequestResponse.requestResponse().request().withUpdatedHeader("header2", "test2")); looks like it will ignore the first withUpdatedHeader and only update the header2.

Wei | Last updated: May 14, 2024 09:30PM UTC

messageEditorHttpRequestResponse.setRequest(messageEditorHttpRequestResponse.requestResponse().request().withUpdatedHeader("header1", "test1")); messageEditorHttpRequestResponse.setRequest(messageEditorHttpRequestResponse.requestResponse().request().withUpdatedHeader("header2", "test2"));

Wei | Last updated: May 14, 2024 10:01PM UTC

tried a couple of times, seems it only act the last action such as update header, add header etc.

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: May 15, 2024 03:24PM UTC


HttpRequests are immutable objects, so when you use a helper method like "withUpdatedHeader()" it will return a new object rather than making modifications to the existing one.

This means that the second time when you call messageEditorHttpRequestResponse.requestResponse().request(), you still receive back the original object and only the second header is set.

You can get around this by extracting the request into a variable, or inlining your method calls.

For example:
messageEditorHttpRequestResponse.setRequest(messageEditorHttpRequestResponse.requestResponse().request().withUpdatedHeader("header1", "test1").withUpdatedHeader("header2", "test2"));
HttpRequest request = messageEditorHttpRequestResponse.requestResponse().request().withUpdatedHeader("header1", "test1");
request = request.withUpdatedHeader("header2", "test2");


Wei | Last updated: May 15, 2024 04:01PM UTC

awsome. Thank you so much Hannah! Inline method works!

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: May 16, 2024 08:56AM UTC

Glad to hear it! If there's anything else we can help with, then please let us know.

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