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Match and Replace "user agent" to match Mobile phone is not working

Benjamin | Last updated: Dec 28, 2022 07:13AM UTC

Hello, i have burp pro and i want to scan (deep) a web https site that is working only on low Resolution like Mobile. In Proxy - Options - we have the feature Match and Replace, i choose (V) the default option of user agent named (emulate IOS) but it is not working.. i browse through the site with the chromium browser of burp. i can see in the packets that the user agent is not replace with the one i selected (IOS). Please advise and help - Thanks in advance.

Liam, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Dec 28, 2022 03:12PM UTC

Thanks for your message, Benjamin. Could you please provide us with screenshots demonstrating your configuration and the issue? You can email us via support@portswigger.net.

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