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Make request with certificates

Jan | Last updated: Feb 27, 2023 09:15PM UTC

Hi there, If I need to make a request which requires multiple certificates (.p12, public .pem & private .pem). Which method/Interface i can use to send these requests? And is there some example code on how to make this request including certificates? Can I upload these certificates directly to Burp -> Settings -> Network? Thank you

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 02, 2023 10:35AM UTC

Hi Have you configured your "Client TLS certificates" settings? You can find these under "Settings > Search > Client TLS certificates". If you are using Burp's networking methods in your extension, then as the request is passing through Burp, the network configurations will be applied. For example, if you had an upstream proxy set up, these rules would be respected.

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