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macOSX V11.2 Big Sur, OWASP BWA and Virtual box--Home Hacking CyberSec Lab

John | Last updated: Feb 09, 2021 09:01PM UTC

The scenario.....finished Web Academy Labs. During the labs discovered that macOSX has some incompatibility issues with Burp Suite and the Web Academy Labs....No Problemo!!! Set up, on macOSX 11.2 (Big Sur) a virtual machine in Parallels using Kali Linux and Burp Suite, ran the the labs off of there....or just switch over to my Win10 platform. I also downloaded VMWare Fusion to trial on macOSX V11.2 and pretty much gave up on that. The display of the VM, the Keyboard and mouse mapping, just were not as good as Parallels. In the process though....found that macOSX 11.2 Big Sur was causing grief in the VMWare Community. Looks like Apple have changed things on the macOSX platform and is causing VM networking issues. So Labs completed, what do I do now? Well, I bought a couple of Books..."Burp Suite Essentials" and "Burp Suite Cookbook"....and here comes the grief.... Both both books refer to using the OWASP Broken Web App. As far as I can tell it's not been updated since 2015. The instructions for installing were relevant to older versions of Virtualbox and older versions of the Host OS. They did n't work! Well OK they DID work...but there was some tweaking involved..... So that nobody else runs in to this issue....here is what I am running Host OS = macOSX v11.2 Big Sur Hypervisor = Virtualbox Version 6.1.16 r140961 (Qt5.6.3) OWASP BWA = Latest available from Sourceforge, links are in the book and a quick WWW search you'll find it. Pretty much follow the instructions in the book "Burp Suite Cookbook" . You can set the the amount of resources that you want for the VM, so don't sweat that too much, except for the Networking....set that to Bridged Adapter. When OWASP BWA boots there is no need to login, just look at the VM's display and you'll get the IP Address to put in to your browser. Wasted a good few hours on this, thought I better put fingertips to keyboard, just in case anyone needs hand in avoiding this issue. On that point though...when I was playing around with VMWare Fusion, if I remember correctly....I could only get networking through the use of the Bridged Network settings there too. Need to double check before the trial period is up!

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