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License Missing

John | Last updated: Mar 10, 2023 04:52PM UTC

Due to the recent changes to licensing, my MD had to issue the Burp Pro licenses to individual accounts. I got the email telling me my MD had shared the license with me and to login and download it however the license key has not appeared (I assume it should be on the "My Account" page). The exact instructions are to login and then... Underneath “Your License Keys”, locate your Burp Suite Professional license and select Download License Key. I don't have a "Your License Keys" section, I do have a "Your Subscriptions" section but it states "You do not have any licenses."

John | Last updated: Mar 10, 2023 05:12PM UTC

Never mind turns out the license expired, would be useful for the email (or better yet account page) to provide an indication the license has expired.

Daniel, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 13, 2023 04:47PM UTC

Hi John,

Sorry to hear you were experiencing issues with your license but glad you're back up and running now.

Thanks for the feedback - Account holders do get email notifications ahead of any licenses expiring; should a license reach the expiry date, a message is also displayed within the account dashboard.

I can see this subscription was renewed ahead of the expiry date so it is strange the key wasn't appearing - Would it be possible to email hello@portswigger.net with your original license invitation email?


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