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Leaving repeater request intact after post request macro is run

Simko, | Last updated: Mar 10, 2020 02:05PM UTC

Hi, when I'm in the Repeater, and I have "Post request macro" enabled. After I issue the Repeater Request with new attack payload, left side of the Repeater changes to the latest request made (post macro request). Would it be possible to define an option, so that the left side of the repeater would be left intact, and I didn't always have to press Ctrl+Z to go back to the request with my attacking payload? It would help a ton:)

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 11, 2020 11:36AM UTC

Thank you very much for your request. It is expected behaviour that the request in repeater would reflect the actual request made after all session handling rules have been applied. This request is a feature that is not currently on our roadmap or backlog, but we’ll keep a record of it to see if there is any further demand. If the demand grows, it will be added to our roadmap or our backlog of improvements.

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