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Lab: Forced OAuth profile linking - Internal Server Error

Madhumathi | Last updated: Aug 31, 2021 09:13AM UTC

Hi Team, I was solving the above mentioned lab and after the step 10, when I click the "Deliver exploit to victim" it shows internal server error. I followed the steps given in the Solutions as such and also referred community solution video and tried again but the same error appears. Kindly help me with this. Thanks, Madhumathi

Uthman, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Aug 31, 2021 09:27AM UTC

Hi Madhumathi, There do not appear to be any issues on our end. Can you please wait ~15 mins for the lab to reset and attempt this again? If you still think that there could be a bug, please send a screen recording of your attempt to support@portswigger.net.

Felix | Last updated: Mar 02, 2023 10:12AM UTC

Same problem here, after multiple resets it still won't work. Exact same steps as in official & video solution.

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 02, 2023 12:30PM UTC

Hi Felix, I have just run through this particular lab and been able to solve it using the solution provided so it does appear to be working as expected. You mention that you are following the official solution but are you able to provide some specific details/screenshots of the steps that you are taking so that we can see exactly what you are doing?

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