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Items already scanned

Marc | Last updated: Feb 16, 2016 09:25PM UTC

Are there any ways to highlight the items that have already been scanned manually or with active scanning?

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Feb 17, 2016 11:43AM UTC

There isn't currently any way to get this information via the site map UI, although of course you can see it in the active scan queue. We do plan to look at providing more information like this within the site map. We don't currently have an ETA for this feature, sorry.

Burp User | Last updated: Feb 17, 2016 02:29PM UTC

Thanks, that would be great. The advantage is that when we can select different branches to scan, and letting them run for a while, towards the end it would be very useful to know in the site map which items have already been scanned. The active scan queue does not show branches and when selecting multiple branches, it becomes hard to follow.

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