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is IScannerCheck class can be used in burp community

mar | Last updated: Dec 26, 2020 08:36AM UTC

I playing this example of customscannercheck. Since passive scanning is disabled for burp community(free version), I just call self._callbacks.issueAlert("Hello alerts") in the doPassiveScan function to trigger an alert whenever a condition is met. but no alert is showed

mar | Last updated: Dec 26, 2020 08:43AM UTC

customscannercheck -> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PortSwigger/example-scanner-checks/master/python/CustomScannerChecks.py

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jan 04, 2021 10:20AM UTC

Scanning functionality is not available in Community, as the Scanner is a Pro feature. This functionality isn't just disabled in Community, but is stripped out. Have you tried using an IProxyListener or IHttpListener to monitor the traffic going through your Burp installation instead?

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