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Intuder grep match not working on results.

Codeload | Last updated: May 08, 2022 10:47AM UTC

after downloaded the last update it turns out that the grab match regex does not show a report that has a checkbox. quite frustrated with this condition is there any problem in java environment? i am using jdk 17.

Codeload | Last updated: May 08, 2022 10:51AM UTC

the screenshot on here https://ibb.co/MsDCgdH

Michelle, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: May 09, 2022 10:20AM UTC

Thanks for your message. Would you be happy to email support@portswigger.net to share a few more screenshots showing some example requests and responses from the intruder attack and the regex you have configured in the Intruder attack so we can look into this further, please? Is this an attack you have successfully run in earlier versions of Burp?

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