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Intruder variable throttling disabled

Manuel | Last updated: Apr 26, 2019 04:58PM UTC

Hi, i noticed that in BSPro 2.0.20beta i'm unable to setup variable throttling for the Intruder attack tool, the "step" field just remains disabled. https://i.imgur.com/LZBstas.png

Rose, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Apr 29, 2019 11:03AM UTC

Hi Manuel Thanks for your message. We are aware of this bug. It happens when you use the Intruder settings to copy the config from other Intruder tabs. We'll let you know when this will be fixed. In the meantime you could avoid using the copy config feature. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Burp User | Last updated: Apr 30, 2019 12:58PM UTC

Oh nice, thank you Rose! That will make it working fine for the time being.

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