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Intruder request using callbacks.sendToIntruder() errors The basic request does not contain blank li

Venkatesh | Last updated: Sep 09, 2016 11:25PM UTC

I am writing a java program to load intruder using callbacks.sendToIntruder(). I am sending a valid request to intruder but when I try to launch the intruder attack it always complains with The basic request does not contain a blank line, and so is not a valid HTTP request. I have added empty line between header and body, in the bytes I am generating to send to sendToIntruder method. my call to callbacks.sendToIntruder() looks something like this - callbacks.sendToIntruder(hostname, Integer.parseInt(port), false, apiString.getBytes()); I am using system.lineseparator() and \n characters to add an empty line to the String between header and body. Appreciate any help on this.

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Sep 12, 2016 07:56AM UTC

Please can you try explicitly using \r\n as your line separator, as per the HTTP specification? Provided you have the four-byte sequence \r\n\r\n in your message, Burp shouldn't complain about a missing blank line.

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