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Intercept hash ('#') sign request

0xczar | Last updated: Nov 24, 2022 08:00AM UTC

Hey team, I'm trying to intercept a request that is being sent in the following way - https://www.example.com/#test/Resource1/SubResource1/SubSubresouce1/ But since the endpoint starts with #, I can only intercept the mail host - GET / HTTP/1.1 Host: www.example.com Is there any way I can still intercept the following endpoint URL with the hash sign ? Thanks

0xczar | Last updated: Nov 24, 2022 08:01AM UTC

**I can only intercept the mail host ==> I can only intercept the main host

Ben, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Nov 25, 2022 01:51PM UTC

Hi, The issue is that these views are geared around HTTP requests and responses for which fragments do not exist as a notion (a URL fragment being a client-side mechanism) so they do not appear - you will also notice they are not recorded as such in the Sitemap either. Longer term, we may look to bring this more inline with a more modern view of a website but this is likely to be some way off.

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