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Integrate Burp Suite Enterprise with GitHub Actions

Hemi | Last updated: Dec 12, 2022 11:15PM UTC

Hi, Please publish a GitHub action that will scan the target site and create the results in GitHub security dashboard

James, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Dec 13, 2022 08:53PM UTC

Hi Hemi,

Thanks for your message.

We do not currently have a native integration available in Burp Suite Enterprise for GitHub Actions. There are two options you could look at to configure an integration for this platform.

1) Generic CI/CD Driver
Integrating with other CI/CD Platforms

2) Using the Burp Enterprise GraphQL API to trigger a scan
GraphQL API Overview
Full API Schema Documentation

We are currently developing a new CI/CD integration for Burp Suite Enterprise, where scans will run in a container on the CI/CD platform side. This will be available soon and can be used with any CI/CD platform that supports containers, including GitHub Actions.

Separate from Burp Suite Enterprise, we do also have a free scanner available for CI/CD pipelines aimed at web developers, in case this is of interest. It has instructions to integrate with GitHub Actions.
Dastardly: From Burp Suite
Dastardly: Documentation
Dastardly: Integrating with GitHub Actions

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