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HTTP Request Smuggle false positives

Pietro | Last updated: Dec 10, 2021 11:55PM UTC

Hello, I've learned a lot on this topic by resolving every lab, but now I have been trying to find them in the real world and when I use this extension many times it finds at possible CL.TE or TE.CL and it always says something like: "Burp issued a request, and got a response. Burp then issued the same request, but with a shorter Content-Length, and got a timeout." But when I go to see the actual responses, they are exactly the same and no response got a timeout. I use comparer just in case I'm missing something. And I remember that in the labs the extension triggered a timeout, but I haven't found them in the real world yet. Are these false positives something I should get used to or it can be solved? Maybe I'm missing something that would show me that I'm actually getting timeout. Hope somebody can help me to clarify. Thanks

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