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How do I make Burp settings persistent?

Adrien | Last updated: Jan 08, 2016 12:35AM UTC

Hi, I'm running the Burp Suite Free Edition v1.6.32 on Windows 7. When starting the jar file, I'm getting a pop-up "Delete old temporary files?", which I don't delete, then I can use the app. But the settings set in the previous session are lost, hence I need to reconfigure my visual settings and proxy settings. When going to Burp->Remember settings, I can see that all options are already selected. Any idea why I'm losing my settings everytime I close the jar file? Any idea how to solve this issue? Thank you Cordially Adrien

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Jan 08, 2016 09:47AM UTC

Settings are completely independent from temporary files and are stored in the default Java preferences store. Are you closing down Burp gracefully, so that the "Are you sure you want to exit?" dialog shows and you answer "Yes"? You need to do this for Burp to save its settings during shutdown.

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