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How do I crawl a site with cookie just i give.

learner213 | Last updated: Sep 19, 2019 06:36AM UTC

I just wanna diff two Burpsuite sitemap that crawled with two different user cookie. Spider just like Bup v1 that do not register or auto login whith different user. Or expose control of Burpsuite v2 spider. Thanks. Burpsuite version: 2.1.03

Mike, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Sep 20, 2019 09:10AM UTC

Hi, I don't think I fully understand your query. Could you provide some more context of what you are trying to do? If you want to compare the two sitemaps, you can either do it visually with 2 instances of Burp Suite on separate projects or copy the URL's out of the crawled site map using the context menu and then use a diff checking tool like WinMerge?

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