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how can I get insert point type by IRequestResponse

TGod | Last updated: Apr 26, 2022 02:45AM UTC

I want to get InsertPoint by IRequestResponse.I kown can get them in doActiveScan,but sometimes I want to detect a item only onece, so I want to get the result of insertPoint analyzed by Burp in doPassiveScan, is there some way to do this?

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Apr 26, 2022 08:06AM UTC

Hi Have you had a look at any other extensions that implement this functionality? All BApp Store extensions have their code publicly available on GitHub. You can find them all here: https://github.com/PortSwigger A good one to look at might be Active Scan++ - you can see how James has implemented scanner checks on a per-host and per-request basis.

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