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Filtering URLs with specific words

Karthik | Last updated: May 28, 2016 02:28PM UTC

When a GET or POST request results in an error, the response URL will have the following wordings (and some other wordings depending upon the request made) "Could+not+create+url+for+page+path:+" (without " ") These wording can appear anywhere in the URL and doesnt have a fixed location. eg: http://www.domain.com/abc/page1/Could+not+create+url+for+page+path:+/xyz http://www.domain.com/abc/page2/Could+not+create+url+for+page+path:+/pqr http://www.domain.com/abc/123/dir1/page1/Could+not+create+url+for+page+path:+xyz/subdir1 http://www.domain.com/abc/564/dir3/page1/Could+not+create+url+for+page+path:+dir2/page1/xyz/subdir3 So, when the URL has those wording, I am trying to exclude this under scope for spidering so that I have only valid URLs. I tried various regex and it does not filter out the contents. I am still getting these pages under scope Is it possible and if so, could some one here help me out on how to exclude that under scope ?

PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: May 31, 2016 10:17AM UTC

If the expressions appear within the URL file path (which appears to be the case), then you should be able to add a suitable expression to the "exclude from scope" rules, to remove them from scope. Try first using a simple expression like the word "create" and get that working, then refine it with a more accurate expression if required.

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