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Filter OPTIONS requests

Vahagn | Last updated: Mar 04, 2020 03:17PM UTC

Options requests are often “rubbish” in the burp proxy history and you have to exclude them from the history using a negative search. We suggest implementing some kind of checkbox for filtering at least options requests, or maximum - implementing POST / GET / PUT / *** filtering. https://twitter.com/Agarri_FR/status/1234867747416346626

Hannah, PortSwigger Agent | Last updated: Mar 04, 2020 03:28PM UTC

Hi Have you checked out the Filter OPTIONS Method extension on the BApp Store (https://portswigger.net/bappstore/fa14ac579cff4682b32f39af8d3651e7)? Cheers Hannah Law Technical Product Specialist PortSwigger Web Security

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